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Rangerpre0 by Siamesa
Armor's done!  Hair's done!  Backgrounds are done!  One or two more pets to add, but I'm in the homestretch!
This armor is from a concept art.  It never made it to Guild Wars proper, but it's such a pretty piece of concept art that I had to put in in the dress up.
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Rangerpre7 by Siamesa
So.  Now that the semester's in full swing, progress has been slower.  Nevertheless, I'm still plugging along, and still really looking foward to this game.  I love rangers so much.

Prophecies Armor
Factions Armor
Nightfall Armor
Some pets
Skin tones
4/5 backgrounds
~50% pets

To do:
EotN Armor
Obsidian Armor
1 Bonus Armor
~50% pets
~95% Coding
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Rangerpre2 by Siamesa
So!  Next game will be Guild Wars: Ranger, the dress up I've been wanting to make for years.  My first Guild Wars character, Elspeth Nell, is a ranger; so is my first Guild Wars 2 character, Inocybe Lacera.  That being said, this game will probably take awhile.  I've got a full load of classes this fall, and I'm also experimenting with stylistic changes that increase the time it takes me to draw things by a surprising amount (ie, tiny lines).
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Couplepre2 by Siamesa
Working on putting in the guy now.  I wanted to go against the typical fantasy image, so I have the girl with the weapon and the guy casting a spell.  He'll have the option of wings behind him, like the ones that appear on paragons in game when they cast Shouts.  

Putting male armor against female armor in video games often makes me a little annoyed.  One thing I appreciate about Paragon armor in Guild Wars is that they opted to put in skimpy armor for the guys, too, but the women still show more skin overall.  Still, it's all very /pretty/ and that's the reason I make these little games.
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Spiritpre9 by Siamesa
Lots and lots of coding today.  This is mostly to show off colors and variety; as a fashion piece, it's not that great.  I'm having SO much fun with this one, though.
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Spiritpre2 by Siamesa
Still working on a name.  I've got a doll drawn, though, and a lovely selection of detached sleeves.
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Westpre by SiamesaWestpre1 by Siamesa

Alright.  The next dressup game is a school project, American Frontier Fashion, and so it'll be less interactive than most of my games, and include a lot more in the way of cited sources and helpful factiods.  That being said, the doll is still relatively customizable, and some of the clothes can be dyed, and there's a deadline, so it'll be up by December.
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Fjordpre2 by Siamesa

So, in honor of Kasper, Monarch, and most especially Clyde, my next dressup game will be a Norwegian Fjord Maker in the style of the Boston Terrier one.  Feel free to comment with ideas for accessories beyond just standard tack!  
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Using my new codes and a lot of streamlining, I've managed to get the Guild Wars: Necromancer character creator semi-functional.  It'll still be a bit before it's done, but I'm having fun with it again.

Necropre3 by Siamesa
(Click for bigger preview; the game will have skin colors and hair colors and dyes, but right now everything's black and white and gray.)

Up next after that?  Probably a Norwegian Fjord Pony mini-game, in the style of the Boston Terrier one.  My next Guild Wars game will be a couple maker, since Paragons have so few armor options, but I also want to get my Old Hollywood idea off the ground.  We'll see.

My tumblr (247reader, linked below) has more frequent updates, and also a lot of random jewelry pictures.
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Well, I've got the codes I need (Thank you so much rinmarugames!)  Sections complete include: Horns, bangs, ears, hair lengths, eyes, nails, gloves, gauntlets, and stockings.  Mouths are partially completed.  Some buttons have been made. Sections to go include: dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes.  Shoes are up next.  My tumblr has more frequent updates,  but this is what I've got to far.
Abpre6 by SiamesaAbpre5 by Siamesa

(And Within Temptation just released a new album, so my drawing intensity out to go WAY up.)

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Abpre1 by Siamesa
This is the very first preview of Abberation, the next game.  I'm having problem with one thing, however.
The code I currently use to change item colors is 
var colorful = new
(inside of a lot of other coding; this obviously is lacking a few brackets).  This changes color entirely- all shading in an item disappears, and is replaced with the new color.  This is why the shading in Warrior is on the same piece as the non-dyable areas.  I would very much like to be able to color an item without having to draw new, transparent shading on top of it every time, and I was wondering if anybody knew how?
I use Flash as2, by the way.
Thanks so much!
Gwenpre1 by Siamesa
This lovely lady here is a preview of the contest winners prize, Gwen and Keiran Thackeray Virtual Paper Dolls.  All outfits, all concept art outfits, and a few surprise bonuses.
After that, I'm really not sure what I'll do next, but I'm armed with some exciting new coding tricks that will help take me there.

Ideas include:
Star Wars character creator
Something Star Trek related, but Doll Divines making an incredible character creator already, so I dunno.
Civil War and Antebeullum fashion.
Military uniform creator
Aberration: a horror themed game with Bog Girl influences

Any thoughts?
My next dress up game will be Guild Wars: Warrior.  It is coming along very well.

I need help, however, with one thing: the hairstyles.  The Guild Wars wiki has a lovely image of all the Prophecies hair options from both front and sides here: link .  Their images for Factions and Nightfall, however, are small and grainy.  

Therefore, I am in need of nice, high quality images of the hairstyles from the ingame character creator.  Those who help me out will receive their choice of items (don't have to be GW related) put into the game, or a fullcolor drawing of their OC/game character/pet/whathaveyou.  The first person to send me everything I need will receive a small dollmaker game around a subject of their choice, though I warn you it might take a little while.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!
Because I can't /not/ be working on one.  It's what I do to de-stress.

Current games status is as follows:

Candidates for Next Game:
Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
Guild Wars: either Elementalist or Ranger

Upcoming things-I-want-to-make
More Guild Wars
Old Hollywood
American Civil War
Monster High

(Discontinued due to file corruption: Guild Wars: Necromancer.)
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My next game is going to be Guild Wars: Assassin.  I put a picture up on tumblr here:… , and will probably also put it up in my scraps.  I have, however, a question for those of my followers who are interested: what daggers should I include in the game?

A gallery of Guild Wars daggers can be found here:… .  I've already included some of the basic starter daggers like dirks and butterfly knives, and I'm going to include at least one of each of the non-dagger "dagger" sets like kamas.

But does anyone have any other suggestions or must-adds?
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Alright.  The next game is Guild Wars: Necromancer.  It is massive, near completion, and I am quite proud of it.

There is just one issue: it has stopped allowing me to publish preview the game.  This means that I can't test my coding, and, even if I were to complete the game, can't publish it, because it won't do that either.  I have gathered from internet searches that this is likely due to a corrupted file, but can't for the life of me figure out which one it is.  I will be working to solve the problem, and the game will be published and put up her, but it might take a little while.

I just wanted to update anyone who's waiting, and also plead for help if anybody knows what exactly is wrong.
Got a series of goals at the moment. It's summer, so I should be able to devote a nice amount of time to dress ups.


- Old Hollywood
- Boston Terrier
- Guild Wars: Necromancer


- American Civil War
- Some sort of Monster High something.
- Superhero

Anybody got any thougts?